Eagle County 

Wildfire Collaborative

The Eagle County Wildfire Collaborative (ECWC) is a group of stakeholders within Eagle County working together to help mitigate wildfire threats through collaboration and partnerships. The Eagle County Wildfire Council was originally formed in 2009 and in 2021, this group reorganized as the Eagle County Wildfire Collaborative. The Collaborative works in all aspects of mitigation planning, grants, stakeholder engagement, recovery, project guidance, and other areas within wildfire mitigation management. Stakeholders within the ECWC include all Fire Agencies within Eagle County, Federal and State partners, Eagle County Government, watershed and sustainability partners, community leaders, wildlife experts, smoke and health experts, and leaders from various groups in ecosystem sustainability.

Vision Statement:

Through unified effort, the Eagle County Wildfire Collaborative inspires communities, agencies, and partners to understand and reduce the risk of wildfire through sustained adaption to the County’s dynamic fire environment.  

Mission Statement:

The Eagle County Wildfire Collaborative reduces the wildfire risk through appropriately funded planning and program implementation focused on community engagement, education, communication, policy advocacy, and mitigation action aimed at creating fire adapted communities and resilient landscapes.